Lisa Queen Design, Inc.


Blessed with a God-given natural artistic sense,  Lisa Queen has added licensing and certifications to be able to consider the balance of the beauty and function of each project. Construction specifications + creative custom furnishings = 360 degrees of design talent.


With any major project, you want more than just great design. You want functionality, lifestyle, harmonious values, and a financial process that has your back.  There's a bond that develops between designer & client.  Talent + beauty + details are crucial, but this bond - it's trust.



Excellence is in the details. Every component plays a part in the design. Whatever it may be, large or small, we're thinking about it. 



"Lisa showed my husband and I what we could really do with our property.  We had no idea that we would be able to use 100% of our house and the yard.  She was the design director and worked with the contractor from day one to value engineer and use creativity to make spaces we never knew we would love so much.  Most meaningfully is that she made an effort to understand each member of our family and what each of us would value and incorporated these ideas into the new design. She has an eye for detail that is unmatched and drives vendors to deliver superior product on time. Her working style was flexible - she could read when we wanted to be more hands on and when we wanted her to handle things on our behalf. Our project involved many vendors but Lisa’s part of the puzzle was always right and always ready on time. On the back-end, her invoicing was transparent and she definitely had our back - we would periodically see credits from vendors that she had, unsolicited by us, championed on our behalf.  To this day, she and I have become close friends, I will admit.  It is because she earned my respect and trust as a person and my home is now truly an extension of the way my family and I really live."

— Dina F.

"I knew Lisa for years before I asked her to step in and help me with a major remodel of my home.  I had begun the process thinking I could manage the design decisions alone, but I found out that having a professional really enhanced my experience.  She has a way of bringing her creativity to the project and having it dovetail with the direction you want things to go.  She didn't get in my way creatively, she instead guided the outcome very significantly so that I feel that now as my project is becoming completed, I have truly maximized how I best use and enjoy my property, both the house and the entire lot.  Lisa worked with me bringing in numerous trades, craftspeople, and furniture makers to bring exactly what I wanted.  We found many antiques and even snagged a few great investment pieces.  She recommended a Marbro lamp she found for me which was very pricey but fit the space just perfectly.  When we went to have a custom lamp shade made for it, the lamp store owner offered us twice what we paid if we would sell it to him.  He said he could get more than that selling it in his shop in West Los Angeles.  Lisa and I had "experiences" together with so many aspects of my project.  She made it not only less stressful but I felt I could trust her opinions, her contacts, and the integrity and transparency of her billing methods."

— Beth

"The greatest testimony to the design and creative abilities of Lisa Queen is the fact that I love my home even more now than when Lisa and I finished it five years ago.  Lisa and I worked as a team.  I brought very definitive opinions, art, furniture and accessories and Lisa brought the discerning artist eye to showcase my treasures to create my personal sanctuary. When I loved a certain paint color, she knew to reduce the intensity to fit the room; when I loved a certain style of molding, she recreated it to fit the space; when I added my furniture, she made it work and then encouraged me to add that extra piece that brought the room to perfection. She converted an existing piece to a sink for the powder and custom designed my handrail which is a signature element.  Lisa’s team of tradesmen brought our vision to light; to a person they were professional, a pleasure to have in my home with the highest level of skill. Personally, Lisa is a treasure to know, a dynamic woman with the highest level of values and intellect.  I was thrilled that the result of our work was not only my amazing home but a wonderful friendship."

— Robin K.