Lisa Queen Design sprouted from the "Meraki" of Lisa Queen, our owner and principal designer. "Meraki" means the soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work. This is exactly what Lisa Queen brings to our business, to her design work, and to her client relationships. In 2016, Lisa welcomed her daughter, Sara, into the fold to deepen the offerings and to share the fun of making this a life calling.


Lisa Queen, Founder & Principle Designer

Lisa's first design project was her own home in Kansas City, MO back in 1995. It was a five story brick house with a steel metal staircase winding up the center. She combined her love for edgy architects like Frank Israel, with her enthusiasm to use cutting edge material selections.

Before design, her career was (surprisingly!) in aviation. Lisa was a corporate pilot, flying across the US for private clients. This aviation history comes through in her ability to think on her feet, an acute attention to detail, and a better than average understanding of the mechanical side of the business. Besides that, it makes for fun conversations!

Lisa created LQD after relocating from the midwest to California near the millennial change, some 18 years ago. She welcomed her daughter, Sara, into the fold in 2016 to deepen the offerings and to share the fun of making this a life calling.

Lisa holds accreditation from the California Council of Interior Design Certification. She is also LEED certified by the US Green Building Council.

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Sara Queen, Senior Designer

Sara Queen earned her Master's Degree from Sotheby's Institute of Art in Art Business. Sara's love for art is universal - she loves the history of art, the aesthetic and intrinsic values of art, and the action and energy around all art forms. She aims to marry art and design, making fine art a priority consideration in the design process.

"My aha! moment was when I realized the art business that I actually wanted to be a part of was the one my own mother had created in interior design! As I learn more and more about all different types of design, art and design really do become so closely related and on the special occasion, even feel like one and the same."

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Lisa’s work is innovative in both the design build and interior furnishings aspects of her work. She is efficient and honest - two qualities I value in both personal and professional relationships. Lisa’s attention to detail paralleled my own, enabling me to trust that the final product was going to be what we both envisioned. I have always been pleased with both the process and the results working with LQD.
— C.B.