Unique. Like Our Clients.

Our custom built pieces are carefully crafted to suit the varying lifestyles and spaces of our clients. We work with the best of the best craft and tradesman to create custom built furnishings, upholstery, rugs, lighting, bedding & linens, and more. Custom built projects also allow us to refresh or restore existing pieces with substantial or sentimental value, and repurpose them to fit the new environment. Explore some of our process below.


The Creative Process

Take a peek into the design process of these beautiful, custom-made, touch-latch doors. The use of natural hair on hide and the artistic nail head detailing transform a utilitarian storage space into a focal point the eye and a point of interest sparking conversation among guests. Through the process images you can see the initial design sketch drawn to scale on cardboard, then the wrapping and prepping of the board in muslin, and ultimately the final installation.

IMG_0015 copy.jpg
2015-07-07 11.47.40.jpg

A Hands on Approach

The first image here shows a custom chair design with its frame still exposed as our fabricator begins to pad it and wrap it in muslin. You can also see a drawing to scale of the design for the wood base. Often times we invite clients to come see and experience their pieces in this “muslin phase” of fabrication. This phase allows for some flexibility - we can adjust the seat height or the cushion density as preferred directly with the client and the vendor. If desired, the client has the opportunity to be an active participant in this phase of the design process and contribute to any preferred alterations before the product is completed. We have plenty of clients who prefer to leave us to it as well!


Building a Vision from the Ground Up

This glamorous master bedroom is the perfect example of how multiple custom furnishings come together to highlight both our vision as designers and the individual style and taste of our client. The bed, bench, bedding, and even the brass backplate for the antique Murano glass chandelier, were all hand made by local Los Angeles craftspeople.

Strong master suite 3.22.00 PM.jpg

Design for Lifestyle

Each of our clients has different ideas and expectations when it comes to building a comfortable and elegant space in the intimacy of home. Our clients put their trust in us to listen to their wants and needs and to be able to build an interior environment that supports their lifestyle. When we can’t find the perfect piece (and often times even when we can..!), we create it. Here are a few examples of custom furnishings that have been produced for our clients.

Boston to edit 6.jpg
king bed.jpg
parlor chair.jpg
Boston to edit 3.jpg

Translation into Architecture

Our approach to custom furnishings also applies to the interior architecture side of our business. In this project in Hidden Hills, a client wanted to add an elevator to an existing home. Many before us said it was impossible, but we made it work! The finished product is a luxurious & functional elevator outfitted with mohair walls, a wood finished ceiling to match the floor, and an elegant flush mount light fixture. These laser woodcut door inserts were also custom made for the elevator door, and for a water closet door, to transform a simple panel into a stunning focal point.

IMG_3450 3-2.jpg

desk chair.jpg

Redefining the Past

This antique blue desk chair is the perfect example of how a simple reupholstery can honor a classic design and create a modern feel.

The leather ivory chaise is a custom piece designed for the same gentleman’s office. The chaise is a modern take on antique piece we decided to recreate from scratch. It required the hand of a metal craftsperson to shape the frame and our furniture and upholstery fabricator to create the body and soft upholstery.


From the Ground Up

Every design starts with an original idea that spurs from a client’s lifestyle, collection or need. A bar cabinet that doubles as a display case for a vintage vinyl collection is just one example of the endless possibilities that can be dreamt into existence through our custom design process.

bar cabinet story 3.jpeg
bar cabinet story 4.JPG
bar cabinet story 2.jpeg
bar cabinet story 1.jpg